High Energy Corp. | Leaders in Oil-Filled and Cermic High Voltage Capacitor Technology
  • High Amplitude, Short Pulse Rated
  • Up to 50 kVDC Max Working Voltage
  • Compact & Epoxy Encapsulated
  • Low (0.5%) Dissipation Factor
  • Stable Class I Dielectric
The EPSP Series of pulse power ceramic capacitors are optimized for sourcing and sinking short-duration high-current pulses. They are ideal components for use in pulsed gas laser systems, HVDC power supplies, lightning arrestor systems, electrostatic copying machines and electron microscopes. They utilize an N5500 temperature characteristic Class 1 dielectric to achieve a very low dissipation factor coupled with a very high capacitance-per-volume and an absence of detectable piezoelectric or electrorestrictive effects. Epoxy encapsulation provides excellent insulation resistance and a physically robust package.
Unit of Measure


N/A 1700 pF


N/A 30 kV


N/A 45 kV

Physical Depth (D)

N/A 1.89 in48 mm

Physical Height (H)

N/A 1.02 in26 mm

Operating Temperature Range

N/A -30 to +50 ºC

Storage Temperature Range

N/A -30 to +50 ºC

Capacitance Tolerance

N/A ±20% Standard

Dissipation Factor

N/A 0.5% Maximum when measured at a frequency of 1 kHz

Dielectric Characteristic

N/A Class I N5500 (±1000 ppm/ ºC) over the Operating Temperature range

Dielectric Strength

N/A Will withstand a DC potential of VTEST for 10 Seconds at 25 ºC

Minimum Insulation Resistance at 100 VDC

N/A 20000 MΩ

Terminal Strength

N/A Maximum applied torque to be 20 inch-pounds or less

Humidity Protection

N/A Epoxy encapsulated

Standard Markings

N/A "HEC", Capacitance, Tolerance, Rated Working Voltage (VDC), TC and Date Code


N/A 8-32