High Energy Corp. | Leaders in Oil-Filled and Cermic High Voltage Capacitor Technology
  • Up to 1000 VRMS Working Voltage
  • 120 kVA Max Power
  • Up to 125 ARMS Max Current
  • Conduction Cooled
Unit of Measure

Capacitance Tolerance

N/A ±10% Standard


N/A 1 3/16 in30 mm


N/A 1 1/8 in29 mm


N/A 0.15 kg0.33 lb

Operating Temperature

N/A Up to +90 ºC

Cooling Method

N/A Conduction-cooled by bus bars

Dissipation Factor

N/A 0.1% Maximum

Stray Inductance

N/A Less than 5 nH