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PWC Series Ceramic Capacitors are large water-cooled 'pot' style components providing current capacity to 300 Amperes and maximum reactive power ratings up to 4000 kVA. These parts feature a low dissipation factor Class I dielectric combined with superior structural strength coupled with the high thermodynamic efficiency of water-cooling to allow operation at extremely high power levels and high frequency. They are ideal for operation in the tank circuit of high power RF equipment. Popular applications include induction heating, dielectric heating and high-frequency welding equipment.
Unit of Measure



N/A 10000 pF


N/A 10 kV


N/A 0.636 MHz


N/A 2000 kV·A


N/A 0.623 MHz


N/A 280 A

Operating Temperature Range

N/A -55 to +85 ºC

Storage Temperature Range

N/A -55 to 125 ºC

Capacitance Tolerance

N/A ±20% (Standard) ±10% (Optional)

Maximum Dissipation Factor

N/A 0.05%

Dielectric Strength

N/A Will withstand an AC potential of 1.4 times Rated Working Voltage for 10 Seconds at 25ºC.

Minimum Insulation Resistance

N/A 10000 MΩ

Standard Markings

N/A "HEC", Capacitance, Tolerance, Rated Working Voltage (VDC), Maximum Frequency, Maximum Reactive Power, Maximum Current and Date Code

Cooling Requirements

Maximum Capacitor Temperature

N/A The maximum allowable temperature of the Inner Terminal is 100ºC.

Maximum Temperature Rise

N/A The maximum allowable temperature rise is 10ºC with an inlet temperature of 25ºC.

Inlet Water Temperature

N/A 30ºC or less recommended; not to exceed 50ºC when capacitor cooling is chained

Cooling Water Pressure

N/A Not to exceed 60 PSIA (132 feet of H2O)

Closed System Derating

N/A Increase Cooling Flow by 20% when antifreeze is used