High Energy Corp. | Leaders in Oil-Filled and Cermic High Voltage Capacitor Technology
  • Compact High Capacitance Parts
  • 7.5 and 15 kVDC Power Ratings
  • Broadcast Barrel Package
  • Metric or English Terminals
  • Three Class II Dielectrics
Unit of Measure


N/A 750 to 1500 pF


N/A 7.5 kV10 kV15 kV

Operating Temperature Range

N/A -55 to +85 ºC

Storage Temperature Range

N/A -55 to +125 ºC

Capacitance Tolerance

N/A ±10% ±20%

Dissipation Factor

N/A 1.5% Maximum when measured at a frequency of 1 kHz and 25 ºC

Dielectric Characteristic

N/A +22%, -33% capacitance change with temperature over -55ºC to +85ºC

Dielectric Strength

N/A Will withstand an AC potential of 1.5 times Rated Working Voltage for 10 Seconds at 25ºC.

Minimum Insulation Resistance at 100 VDC

N/A 10000 MΩ


N/A Silver Plated

Terminal Strength

N/A Maximum applied torque to be 20 inch-pounds or less

Humidity Protection

N/A Nonconductive Coating

Standard Markings

N/A "HEC", Capacitance, Tolerance, Rated Working Voltage (VDC) and Date Code


N/A 10-32 M5